Vuoristoradan Jarrumiehet ry is a registered non-profit association established in 2003 to nurture and respect the traditions of wooden roller coasters and their Brakemen, and to promote fellowship and communication among its members.

The core of the association's activities is the recording and dissemination of the culture and history of Linnanmäki's iconic Brakeman-operated roller coaster Vuoristorata through various media. As an important part of this activity, the association maintains the "Roller Coaster's Brakemasters" website as well as the Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Former Brakemen as well as private individuals or legal entities with strong ties to the association and who wish to support the purpose and activities of the association can be accepted as supporting members of the association.

Board 2023–2024

Janne – president
Isak – vice president
Samuel – secretary
Joni – treasurer
Marko – member of the board
Waltteri – member of the board




"Vuoristoradan Jarrumiehet" wordmark and logo are registered trademarks of Vuoristoradan Jarrumiehet ry.