Opened in 1951, wooden roller coaster Vuoristorata is the pride of Linnanmäki amusement park in Helsinki, Finland and the most popular attraction throughout the park's history. Vuoristorata is operated by Brakemasters – sixteen Brakemasters work at the roller coaster in the season 2021.

There are only seven roller coastersin the world to feature onboard Brakemen, so Vuoristorata is a very valuable and rare attraction. Prestigious roller coaster club American Coaster Enthusiasts has granted Vuoristorata the "Coaster Classic" statusgiven to only 30 roller coasters worldwide.

Vuoristorata by numbers

    • Length of the track: 960 metres (3,150 ft)
    • Height of the track: 24 metres (79 ft)
    • Length of the longest descent: 48 metres (157 ft)
    • Top speed: approx. 60 kph (37 mph)
    • Average speed: approx. 25 kph (16 mph)
    • Ride duration: approx. 2 minutes 15 seconds
    • Four trains, 22 passengers per train (the number of trains in use depends on the number of customers in the park)
    • One train weighs approx. 1,500 kg (3,300 lbs) when empty, and approx. 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs) with passengers
    • Wooden structure of the roller coaster weighs approx. 400 tons
    • Ride capacity: up to 1,300 passengers per hour
    • A total of approx. 42,000 cycles are run during the season, and up to 700 cycles during one busy opening day
    • 800,000 guests visit Vuoristorata every year